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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker

To check the server status of a certain website, a very sophisticated server status checker is utilized.

You can use a testing tool to determine whether a website is online or offline by using a server status checker. Status codes are returned every single time the browser asks for a website. When something goes wrong, the browser displays a message such as "Something's not right coupled with an error code e.g. 404".


Regularly checking the server status of your websites is a good practice for webmasters and SEOs. On Small SEO Tools, a free server status checker is available. Execute a free test for a single or group of URLs.

Free Server Status Checker is an excellent tool for determining whether a specific website is online or not.


Free Server Status Checker is a fantastic tool that determines whether a specific website is up and running or not. To check the status of any website, all just have to do is type in the name of the domain or sub-domain. Up to 100 URLs may be entered by users simultaneously in separate lines.

Best server status checker


The Best server status checker application is practical and effective because it enables server status checks for an unlimited number of websites. The server status of a given site informs developers of whether a website is functioning properly.


Read the following instructions before using this testing tool.

  • In the text box that is presented, enter one URL per line.
  • Once it was typed in the URLs—which may be one or as many as one hundred—one can. Select the "Submit" button.
  • The test will execute and present the outcomes. The potential status codes will appear next to each domain name supplied.
  • Use a server status checker to regularly monitor the health of the website, and once it goes down, act right away.



Online server status checker


The server status of a specific website is checked using the very advanced online server status checker. An online or offline site's server status will inform the operator. In contrast to offline status, which indicates that there is a problem with the website and that certain people are unable to open it, the online status shows that the website is operating normally and that any user can simply browse it. When a website is offline, it means there is an issue with it and some users are unable to access it. When a website is running well, everyone can view it with ease.