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Website Links Count Checker

Using the Website Link Count Checker, one can determine how many links are present on a specific webpage.


Utilize the Website Link Count Checker tool, evaluate the findings, and produce original, high-quality material. Then, allow natural sharing and linking of this information. Along with improved SEO, it will drive referral traffic to the website. Hard labor, high-quality content, and social network updates are the only commercially available to rank well on search engines, especially Google. It is never successful for a website to influence Google's ranking variables. Google is never slow to acknowledge a problem and resolve it. Because of this, purchasing spammy or low-quality links or failing to regularly inspect your website will harm it.

Free website link counter tool to determine the number of incoming and outgoing links on a given web page.


One can find a free website link counter tool to check the number of links on a website. It is so easy to use that all just need to do is type in the website's URL, and users will get results right away. The outcomes consist of:

  • Internal Links
  • Outer Links
  • No-Follow
  • No-Follow


Best Website links Count checker


The number of external and internal links on a page can be efficiently counted with the Best Website links Count checker. Thus, the number of links on a webpage can be determined by the webmaster or site owner. The tool shows the webpage's total number of links as well as its internal and external links.



The number of links on a certain webpage can be determined using an online link count checker.


How many links there are pointing to a website is one feature of a website that always troubles SEOs and webmasters. The online website link checker is crucial to them. The reason is that Google and other search engines will rank a website higher the more high-quality links it has.